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Twin Ports Idol Singing Competition ~ $18,000 in Prizes ~ Living Water Music, Inc. (800) 248-7225

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Craig LiaBraaten, Founder "Twin Ports Idol"
"Twin Ports Idol" Singing Competition ~ Founder is Living Water Music, Inc. (800) 248-7225 www.livingwatermusic.com
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Minnesota Singing Competition $16,000 in Prizes

IMPORTANT: ALL results of Preliminaries, Semi-Finals, and Finale
will be promptly posted here on "Twin Ports Idol" webpages
NO results will be available from any other source:
Not by telephone, fax, email or through any
sponsor, venue or media partner

Check here frequently for important changes/updates

Criteria for Judging:
Stage Presence, Star Quality, Talent Level, Attitude,
Professionalism, Memory, Vocal Skill & Technique,
Personal Hygiene, Charisma, Marketing Potential,
Projection, Communication to the Audience,
Stage Etiquette, Courtesy, Politeness,
Choice of Songs, Choice of Dress
Microphone Technique, Overall Presentation

***For a fee, Living Water Music, Inc. can assist all entrants
who wish to purchase karaoke CDs or record unique & original backgrounds
for cover songs, for new arrangements, for remixes,
for original songs provided by for entrant by Living Water Music, Inc.
and for originals written by entrant(s) and recorded for the contest
by Living Water Music, Inc.***
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*****Available for an added fee to all Semi-Finalists, Finalists and
Award Winners (including CD Demo Winners):
CD mixes and/or DVD videos of your Live Auditions at Grandma's*****
$150 for a CD or DVD of up to 2 unedited, live songs
$200 for a CD or DVD of up to 4 unedited, live songs
$250 for both a CD and a DVD of up to 2 unedited, live songs
$350 for both a CD and a DVD of up to 4 unedited, live songs
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Note: NO audio recorders, cameras or videocameras are permitted at the competition, so if you want a professional memento of the occasion which could be a great promotional
tool, then consider reserving yours today (orders for CDs and/or DVDs are not
mandatory, but may be placed now or during the contest. All orders need to be
paid in full at the time the order is placed)
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1. Policies & Guidelines for Participation and Awards:

All Twin Ports Idol, Living Water Music, Inc. and LiaBraaten Teaching Studios logos, trademarks, website, creative concepts and ideas are the property of Craig and Leah LiaBraaten, who are the creators, founders, originators, copyright holders, trademark holders, major corporate sponsors and organizers of this premier event. Twin Ports Idol is open to all US citizens between the ages of 14 to 26, the date which determines ages for the competition being the first date of the preliminary auditions (03-03-05), whose permanent residence and mailing address from 03-03-05 to 05-12-05 is in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the upper penninsula of Michigan, and who are amateur singers who do not presently have or are not presently negotiating a recording contract, have not previously released a professional recording for sale, or who are not presently in the process of producing or releasing any recording with any company or agent or representative other than Living Water Music, Inc. A certified copy of birth certificate may be required for all finalists. Open to all races, creeds, colors, genders, sexual and/or religious preferences. Restrictions: no employee or relative of any Twin Ports Idol sponsor, co-sponsor, media partner, or performance venue may enter or participate. Full legal name of each participant and parent or legal guardian must be entered on registration form. Entrant's [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] Social Security Number(s) may be required of award winners. By registering and signing the registration form, all entrants (and their parents and/or guardians if entrant is under 18 years of age) thereby agree that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by all policies, guidelines and rules of Twin Ports Idol competition, and give their permission for Living Water Music, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "LWM") and its owners, Craig & Leah LiaBraaten (hereafter referred to as "owners") to use any and all audio and video recordings (in any format or media), and any digital or hard copy photos or images (in any format or media) included in the registration materials or captured during at any time during the duration of the auditions, competition, and awards ceremony (02-03-05 to 04-14-05), (including, but not limited to, capturing any performance, interview, or spontaneous moment), for any public or private use or sale, including, but not limited to, advertisements, promotions, publicity, news releases, presentations, CD DVD, VHS, Audio cassette and other releases or uses without any reimbursement, compensation, acknowledgement, or reward from "LWM" or "owners". All entrants are required to audition with one (1) a cappella song via live preliminary site (Duluth Radisson) by March 31st, 2005 or by submitting  recent unedited video VHS tape or unedited DVD no later than March 15th, 2005. All entrants (and/or their parents or guardians) are responsible for any and all of their own travel arrangements, accommodations and related expenses, including, but not limited to any food and/or beverage(s) ordered and/or consumed at any "Twin Ports Idol" event, including any such order(s) or consumption of food and/or beverage(s) at Grandma's Sports Garden. It is acknowledged that there is no guarantee or certainty that any contestant will win an award, for only a select number of Finalists are eligible for any prizes, and only one Finalist is eligible for the Grand Prize. All entrants are required to submit a fully completed registration form no later than 8pm CST March 31st, 2005, but preferably much sooner, since March 31st is the last date during which the preliminary auditions will be held this year. Entrants who are not accepted may reaudition with a different song on a different date. Contestants may not schedule more than one audition on the same date. Fee for first preliminary audition is $25. If the entrant becomes a semi-finalist, finalist, or award winner, there are no additional entry fees for advancement to the next round. Other fees may apply, for example, if entrant opts to order CDs or DVDs of their live Twin Ports Idol semi-final and/or finale performances, or if entrant requires extra rehearsal time or vocal coaching lessons from LWM, or if entrant requires, needs, requests or takes more time or resources to record, mix, master, design, duplicate or market their CD demo award than is included in the value of such award. No one is required to reaudition, but may choose to do so. If entrant decides to reaudition, entrant must complete a new registration form and pay a new registration fee. Fee for second preliminary audition date is $30, for third preliminary audition date is $35, and for the fourth preliminary audition date is $40, increasing by $5 for each new audition during the 2005 contest. Entrants who reaudition are on the same first come, first served basis as regular entrants and receive a new entrant number. All reaudition entry fees, like regular entry fees, are nonrefundable, regardless of the circumstances. Entrants are not required to reaudition if they are not accepted as semi-finalists, but may choose to do so of their own free will and expense, or, if entrant is minor,  their parent(s) or guardian(s) free will and expense. No entrant may audition more than a total of four (4) times for the 2005 contest. Entrants are required to inform the judges when they reaudition that they are auditioning again for the second, third or fourth time. Failure to inform the judges of their reaudition status may result in the entrant being disqualified at LWM or "owners" or judges' discretion. LWM and "owners" are not responsible if time runs out before all entrants are heard. Any entrant who is not accepted as a semi-finalist this year is eligible to audition for the next "Twin Ports Idol" Competition, which is presently planned for 2006. Entrants must fully complete their registration form and  pay a non-refundable $25 entry fee in full before the preliminary audition is heard. Acceptable forms of payment for the Registration Fee include: cash US funds only), money order, cashier's check, personal check (local Duluth or Iron Range bank only) or valid VISA, MC or Discover credit card. Only entrants who actually perform in the preliminary auditions are required to pay the entry fee; hopefuls standing in line who cannot sing in the preliminary auditions due to judges' time limitations or other reasons will obviously not be required to pay the entry fee, will not be allowed to enter the competition, and will have no claim or right for consideration, since all auditions are on a "first come first served" basis. However, entry fees paid at or in advance of the preliminary audition will not be refunded for any reason, including, but not limited to any illness or emergency situation that may arise. Any entrants who is unable to complete his/her audition due to health reasons, emergency situation, or for any other reason may opt to reaudition according to the terms and conditions, policies and guidelines above and herein. Entrants [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] agree upon signing the registration form that these and any other unanticipated and/or emergency situations which may arise during the auditions are not the responsibility and/or liability of LWM or "owners". By signing the entry form, entrants and their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) individually and collectively release LWM, "owners", and all "Twin Ports Idol" and Twin Ports Teen Idol" sponsors, vendors, all LWM, venue and media employees, their assistants and volunteers from any liability for the competition proceedings, or the rules, policies and guidelines of the competition, the results of the judges decisions, the results of winning or receiving an award, the results of contestants, family members, audience members, judges, sponsors or media partners having their image, likeness, or musical talent photographed, recorded, videotaped and/or used in any publicity, advertizements, sales, or promotions by our media partners or by LWM and/or "owners", or the results of being disqualified at any moment during the competition, or the results of having the contestant's award terminated for reasons set forth in "2. Restrictions, Possible Reasons for Disqualification" below or other parts of this document. All entrants [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] agree upon registration that all decisions by LWM, "owners", judges, co-sponsors, media partners, organizing groups, and crowd reaction are final and without appeal. Registration fee is non-refundable even if entrant is unable for any reason to perform. In lieu of live audition, non-edited video (VHS or DVD format) audition for entrants who live more than 100 miles away from Duluth are an acceptable substitute for live preliminary audition, provided LWM receives the video no later than March 15th, 2005 (03-15-05). This video deadline is firm, and no exceptions shall be made. No videos received after 03-15-05 will be accepted, and no live auditions after March 31st, 2005 will be accepted, unless the final audition date (March 31st, 2005) is changed by LWM and/or "owners" due to unforseen circumstances. If the March 31st auditions are cancelled for any reason, LWM and/or "owners" shall have the sole right, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion,  to decide whether or not a substitute audition date and/or location may utilized. If March 31st auditions are cancelled for any unforseen reasons and not rescheduled, entry fees paid in advance for the 03-31-05 date and that date only shall be refunded in approximately 30 days to entrant [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] if entrant's audition is not heard due to the unforseen cancellation of the audition date. No other reasons for refunds or reimbursements of any kind shall be given. Entrants whose audition is heard [and that minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] are liable and responsible for audition fee in full plus any late fees and/or collection fees and or attorney's fees which LWM may incur as a result of insufficient funds and/or invalid credit card or other payment problems. Entrants who are interested in submitting a video audition must contact Living Water Music, Inc. directly for policies and guidelines regarding video submissions. All videos received from entrants become the property of LWM, and entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] agree(s) by submitting same to allow LWM and "owners" to use any such video freely for any purpose in the future without reimbursement, compensation, acknowledgement, or reward from "LWM" or "owners". LWM or "owners" are not reponsible for loss or damage to any audio, video, karaoke, audition or demo tapes, CDs or DVDs submitted for preliminary judging purposes or used during performances, or to any consequential damage or results of such loss, including but not limited to failure to audition due to lost, misplaced, or stolen audition tape or DVD, or to entrant's [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] or audience member's equipment or possessions (including CDs and DVDs used for performances)  damaged, lost or stolen while they are participating in or attending any of the preliminary, semi-final, or final events. Entrants [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] must provide their own background music for semi-final and final round competitions, and the only format or media permitted for such background music is an industry standard professionally manufactured compact disc recording. All recordings the contestant intends to use for their semi-final or final round performances must be turned in during Mic Check (4pm to 6pm) on the night of the performance. All entrants who become semi-finalists are required to arrive two hours early (at 4pm) at Grandma's promptly dressed in performance attire and ready for Mike Check, evaluation of the CD background recording, and evaluation of the contestants dress for the competition that evening. Contestants may be required to substitute a different song or different CD for their performance, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion, if there is any technical problem or content problem with the CD recording. So contestants are advised to be prepared with more than one option for your performance, just in case LWM and/or "owners" disqualify a specific recording of any song for any reason. Contestants who are unable to find a workable substitute in this scenario may be disqualified, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Contestants whose dress is deemed inappropriate at the Mike Check will be given the opportunity to change into more appropriate attire before the start of the contest (before 6pm). If contestant is unable to change into appropriate dress, or changes all or part of their dress into any inappropriate type of dress between the Mike Check and the performance, the contestant is liable to being disqualified at any moment, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Live musicians chosen by the entrant [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] are not permitted to accompany singers at any level of this competition, and entrants are likewise not allowed to accompany themselves on any instrument. Twin Ports Idol 2005 is a singing competition, not a talent show. Contestants may perform original works, provided LWM is hired by the entrant (for an added fee) to record the original instrumental backgrounds (see reasons for possible disqualification, below). For an added fee, LWM can assist entrants in locating and purchasing through LWM any background music for their semi-final and/or final rounds. Contestants need to be prepared to have proof that any non-LWM background, CD, or karaoke compact disc the entrant intends to use was lawfully purchased by the entrant, [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]. No bootleg or other "burned" CDs will be allowed in the competition. Only karaoke CDs, KCDs, CD-Gs, or CDs produced professionally under legal copyright arrangements may be utilized by contestants. In no case will it be allowed to use any CD, KCD, CD-G or song accompaniment with vocals on it of any kind; the background must be only and purely instrumental. For an added fee, LWM can also work with the entrant in the recording of customized background music for the competition, whether it be for cover songs, new arrangments and remixes of songs, or original songs available from LWM and/or "owners" or written by the entrant. For an added fee, the LiaBraaten Teaching Studios can provide personal one on one vocal coaching, training and guidance to any entrant on such required elements as Stage Presence, Star Quality, Talent Level, Attitude, Professionalism, Memory, Vocal Skill & Technique, Personal Hygiene, Charisma, Marketing Potential, Projection, Communication to the Audience, Stage Etiquette, Courtesy, Politeness, Choice of Songs, Choice of Dress Microphone Technique, Overall Presentation. All Semi-Finalists and Finalists are required to be at Grandma's on the competition date from 4pm sharp until their performance is completed that evening for Mike Check, CD Check, Performance, and publicity appearances. All contestants are not required but strongly urged to stay until 9:30 pm each night to support the other contestants and also to be available for publicity appearances and possible television, and/or radio, and/or newspaper interviews and photos during and after the show. Since results of all semi-final rounds are exclusively posted on LWM website at www.livingwatermusic.com, contestants are free to leave the premesis if they have a good reason to leave early, such as a long distance to travel home that night. All competition prizes (including CD demo awards, tuition waivers, coaching sessions, voice lessons, and marketing possibilities) are in the form of services rendered by LWM and LWM only, are not transferable to any third party for any reason, and are of no cash value. Any forfeited or any unused Twin Ports Idol award or portion of any Twin Ports Idol award reverts back into the LWM music scholarship fund. Social Security numbers, physical addresses may be required from all award winners and, if award winner is a minor, the same information may be required from award winners' parent(s) and/or guardian(s), at LWM and/or "owners" sole discretion. Refusal to supply this information promptly or supplying incorrect information to LWM and/or "owners" may result in the award being forfeited, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Beyond the limited quantity of CDs included in any CD demo award, CD award winners will be able to purchase additional CDs from LWM at standard LWM prices once the project is completed. Every effort will be made to keep the costs of the CD demos withing the award limits. However, any special requirements, needs, stipulations, changes, delays, missed appointments, add-ons, or demands by winner [and/orminor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] may result in costs above and beyond the value of the CD demo award. 100 % of ALL expenses above the award amount are the responsibility of the winner[and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]. Judicious use of recording time will ensure that the entire project stays under budget and no further charges need be added above the CD demo award amount. If for any reason winners are not able to complete the requirements of the prizes won, or if any winner chooses to not accept their award, or if any winner of any award becomes disqualified by LWM or "owners" for any reason, then the unused portion of that award will not be transferable by winner or any other party or entity  to any third party, but will go back into the scholarship pool for the next LWM music scholarship competition. Any winner who does not complete their recording project by the deadline established by LWM and "owners" will relinquish that scholarship, and it will go back into the scholarship pool for the next LWM music scholarship competition. All added fees for CD demos must be paid in full before the CD demo award shall be released to the winner [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]. All entrants are encouraged to download or print a hard copy version of this website document entitled "Policies & Guidelines for Twin Ports Idol Awards", and agree by signing and submitting registration form to abide by all the rules and regulations contained herein. Copies of the "Policies & Guidelines" are available on this website before the entrant registers, and then after the competition is completed, all award winners will receive their own hard copy. If any winner declines to accept the terms and conditions of any award or the results of the competition, then the winner [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] agree by submitting their entry form that awards which are declined or terminated for any reason simply revert back into the scholarship pool for the next LWM music scholarship competition. It is understood that CD demo recordings made by the winners will take place in Living Water Music Recording Studios in Hibbing, MN according to the availability of LWM staff and/or "owners". LWM facilities have a a strict code of conduct for all who enter: no tobacco, no drugs, no alcohol, no unlawful or unprofessional conduct, and absolutely no visitors during coaching, planning, recording, mixing or other sessions or appointments without prior written permission from LWM and/or "owners". During recording sessions for minor entrant, one (1) parent and/or guardian is required to be in the recording studio at all times with the minor, and picture ID is required. For parent(s) and/or guardian(s) peace of mind, the anechoic  recording studio can be seen on the Twin Ports Idol webpage.  LWM 24-TRACK Recording Studio is constructed in such a way that the recording engineer is in a separate room than the recording artist, separated by a wall. Orders for audio CDs or video DVDs of entrant's live semi-final and/or finale performances are not mandatory nor required, but are the option or choice of the entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]. All orders of live semi-final and/or finale performances must be paid in advance according to the following fee guidelines: $150 (one hundred fifty dollars) for one (1) CD or one (1) DVD of up to two (2) unedited songs recorded by LWM of the entrant's and only the entrant's "live" performance(s) at Twin Ports Idol; $200 (two hundred dollars)  for one (1) CD or one (1) DVD of up to four (4) unedited songs recorded by LWM of the entrant's and only the entrant's "live" perfomance(s) at Twin Ports Idol. $250 (two hundred fifty dollars) for both one (1) CD and one (1) DVD of up to two (2) unedited songs recorded by LWM of the entrant's and only the entrant's "live" performance(s) at Twin Ports Idol. $350 (three hundred fifty dollars) for one (1) CD and one (1) DVD of up to four (4) unedited songs recorded by LWM of the entrant's and only the entrant's "live" performances at Twin Ports Idol. These prices are subject to change and/or demand for services rendered. Additional CD copies available for a limited time from LWM at standard LWM rates. Since LWM and "owners" have copyright ownership of all audio and video recordings of Twin Ports Idol, LMW and "owners"  will likely release selective compilation recordings for sale to the general public of contestants' live performances. LWM and "owners" will also entertain requests from the public or from entrants and their families for recordings of other entrants performances on a request by request basis. However, LWM is also not obligated to release any such recording at any time, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Deadline for all "Twin Ports Idol" CD or DVD orders for "live" unedited performance(s) will be announced during the competition and on this website. CD/DVD orders are processed on a "first come, first served" basis, so the earlier your order is received, the earlier you will receive your CDs and/or DVDs. Entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] are responsible for pick-up, delivery, or shipping costs for the CDs and/or DVDs of any "Twin Ports Idol" project, including winner's CDs or DVDs. Shipping costs vary according to the shipping address and size of the order, but are very reasonable, and the entrant, parent(s) or guardian(s) can choose USPS, UPS or FedEx options at the contestant's [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] own expense. Live performances, of course, are limited by many factors over which neither entrant nor LWM/owners have control. Hence, no guarantee is given or implied as to the quality of "live" recordings; although every effort is made in the mixdown, mastering, design & duplicating process to maximize and hopefully enhance the quality of the raw tape or footage. Hence, there are no refunds, exchanges, credits or reimbursements for CD or DVD orders for "live" recordings. CDs or DVDs released by LWM of Twin Ports Idol performances can be used by the contestant for promotional purposes, but not for sale. Since LWM holds all rights to the copyright to all Twin Ports Idol recordings, only LWM shall make duplicates of any such CD or DVD, and only LWM and "owners" can negotiate with entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] with regard to possible (but not implied nor guaranteed) contracts for sale of any Twin Ports Idol CD or DVD. Such arrangements will be made according to LWM standard marketing, duplicating/manufacturing rates if and when the duplicating request is made by entrant. LWM or "owners" may decline any order for any reason, or terminate or change the terms of this CD/DVD offer at any time, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion.

2. Restrictions, Possible Reasons for Disqualification:
Songs or conduct containing any offensive, graphic, profane, explicit or otherwise unprofessional lyrics, themes, dress, gestures, or behavior may result in entrant being disqualified at any level of this competition at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. LWM, "owners" or judges can and may require entrants to present printed lyrics for any song performed at any level of the competition for the purpose of determining the appropriateness of the lyrics. Failure to produce a hard copy of lyrics promptly if and when such hard copy is requested may result in disqualification, at LWM of "owners" discretion. Performers who treat LWM equipment or personnel unprofessionally, or who misuse, damage, destroy or steal stage equipment will be disqualified, and entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] will be held accountable for damages and/or loss to the fullest extent of the law. During the contestant's entire performance, the contestant must remain on stage; performers are NOT allowed to go into the audience for any reason during a performance, and no performer is allowed to perform stunts or climb on any item, person, piece of furniture, or piece of equipment during their performance. Performers are reminded this is a singing competition, not a dance competition, and that, while dancing is not entirely discouraged,  too much emphasis on dancing as part of stage performance (for example, break dancing and/or leaping) may pose a hazard to contestant, to anyone in the audience, or to equipment and/or stage, and therefore may result in disqualification at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. NO destruction or mutilation or unprofessional manipulation or unprofessional use of any item, article of clothing, or part of any person's anatomy is permitted during any performance. All disqualifications are final and without appeal. This is a family event, and a strict drug-and-alcohol-free event for contestants. Adult audience members in attendance of legal age are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at Grandma's, but no contestant, not any adult contestant, is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on the date of their performance. Performers shall not wear any item of clothing, dress or bring on stage any accessory or item that has a visible or readable company name, company logo, company or private telephone number, website or URL address, email address, caption, saying, motto, phrase, sentence, brandname, trademark, school emblem, or advertizement or acknowledgement of any kind; any such item of clothing, dress or accessory may result in immediate termination, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. If a contestant Only the LWM, LiaBraaten Teaching Studio and/or Twin Ports Idol logos, only www.livingwatermusic.com URL, and only (800) 248-7225 telephone numbers shall be permitted on stage, in print, on display, on camera, or featured on site during any moment of the audition of competition process. Logos of any Twin Ports Idol sponsor need prior written approval from LWM and/or "owners" for display in any format or presentation, especially for the semi-final and finale rounds at Grandma's. Current and/or potential sponsors, co-sponsors, media partners, and all other companies or entities interested in advertizing during the competition must secure written permission beforehand from LWM and "owners". No contestant or audience member can utilize the contest, the stage or the platform to advertize, promote or explain any religious belief, idea, person, group, business, entity, or cause. Twin Ports Idol is exclusively a LWM Production. Violation of any of these policies can be cause for immediate dismissal from the competition or removal from the premesis, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Due to time constraints and strict sponsor exclusivity arrangements, performers shall not decide to nor attempt to include any spoken dialogue that is separate from the song during their live Twin Ports Idol performances; in other words, no verbal introductions, comments, explanations, greetings, salutations, final thoughts, thanks or advertisements are to be spoken or communicated by gestures (such as sign language) on stage by the contestant at any time. Contestants who  integrate spoken word on stage into their singing are liable to being disqualified, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Contestants are urged to save their thoughts and comments for the LWM-initiated special interviews, which may occur on or off stage. Contestants should be prepared to answer questions based upon the information they provided on the Registration Form. Registration fee is non-refundable, and policy violators are ineligible for awards, reimbursements, or recovered damages of any kind. Entrants [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]may be asked at any time to prove the entrant's age with a certified birth certificate, and failure to produce one can be grounds for immediate dismissal at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Incorrect information on application, profanity or otherwise unprofessional or inappropriate behavior or language used by contestant either on stage, in interviews, or recorded or witnessed anywhere in public from 02-03-05 to 12-31-05, as well as inability to appear on stage for any reason (including illness, lack of preparation, emergency situation, or any other reason) can be cause for immediate dismissal, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Any entrant may be disqualified, at LWM and/or "owners" sole discretion, for any reason. All CDs, KCDs, and/or CD-Gs that the entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] plan(s) on using at Grandma's for the semi-finals or finals must be delivered (by hand, snail mail, UPS or FedEx) to LWM and/or "owners" a minimum of two (2) hours (4pm CST on semifinal and finale dates) but preferably more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of their performance date and time. Late submissions of background accompaniments may result in contestant disqualification at LWM or "owners" discretion. LWM and/or "owners" need to check the accompaniments to verify they adhere to contest rules before they are used in performance. During the finale, LWM and/or "owners" may require the contestants to perform with live accompaniment, which would be exclusively supplied by LWM and/or "owners". Contestants are required to rehearse with live LWM background musician(s) during the week preceding May 12th, 2005, and to be flexible and available for such rehearsals. All contestants are also required to learn the winner's song(s), which are the property of LWM and/or "owners", and will be created especially for this contest, and finalists are required to rehearse the winner's song with live accompanist during the week immediately preceding the date of the finale. One (1) one-hour rehearsal at LWM studios with live accompanist is included at no extra charge for finalists. 100% of all travel and other incidental expenses for all such rehearsals are the entrant's [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] responsibility. Additional rehearsal time will be available on a first come first served basis, and these additional rehearsal times shall be at the entrant's [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] expense. If contestant attempts to utilize a CD, KCD or CD-G with vocals of any kind on it (background or foreground vocals), that contestant may be disqualified at LWM or "owners" discretion; to avoid this possibility, choose CDs or KCDs without any vocals on them, or ask LWM Recording Studios about creating custom accompaniment backgrounds for you. Any memory assistance obtained during any entrant's performance from cue cards, television or computer monitors, or other people in attendance at the event or audition can be grounds for immediate dismissal, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. If it is discovered that the entrant has previously issued a recording for sale, is presently in the process of recording, producing, mixing, mastering, duplicating, manufacturing or releasing an audio CD and/or audio cassette or VHS video cassette or DVD, or is negotiating with any other company than Living Water Music, Inc. for any songwriting, recording, arranging, orchestrating, transcribing, producing, mixing, mastering, designing, duplicating, or CD manufacturing services, then that entrant may be immediately disqualified at LWM and/or "owners" discretion at any time during the contest or (in the event that the entrant was a "Twin Ports Idol" demo CD award winner) at any time during the recording, producing, mixing, mastering, design, duplication, manufacturing, performing, touring or marketing process. Only those winners whose CD demo projects which are completed and finished by LWM and are deemed at that time by LWM and "owners" to be of sufficient market value and/or star quality potential will be eligible for marketing by LWM and its marketing team beyond the local level. LWM shall be the sole authorized agent for manufacture, duplication, replication, sale or distribution of any and all CDs recorded and produced for winners by LWM for a period of ten (10) years from the date winner received their recording award (until 05-12-15). With regard to all sales of winners' CDs, LWM will own 100% of the performance and royalty rights and retain 100% of all copyrights and present and future royalty rights to all songs (including winner's original songs, if any)  performed and recorded on winners CDs recorded as a result of Twin Ports Idol competition. In all CD sales, LWM hereby declares its right to keep and retain 100% of the total sales of such CDs toward payment of CD related expenses incurred by LWM and/or "owners" and to retain a minimum of 60% of the profit after expenses from the sale of such recordings for the first ten (10) years from the release date of the recording, including the sale of individual songs and individual CDs, new collections, reissues, remakes, remixes, but also with regard to the future sale of any such recordings to any other company, entity, or marketing agent. LWM and "owners" shall have the right to freely negotiate any such sale or marketing endeavor with any third party with or without permission or input from winner(s). Winners are not allowed to make copies of, or to cause copies to be made of, or to allow copies to be made of any LWM recording, either in whole or in part, of any songs, tracks, or CDs issued by LWM of winner. All future duplicates, replicates or manufactured CDs, remixes, changes or reissues of the winners Twin Ports Idol recordings in any media shall all be done solely by LWM.  Any winner who is discovered to have participated in or to have allowed any  unlawful or illegal copying of LWM Twin Ports Idol recordings of winner(s), entrants, or participants is liable to have their award immediately terminated, and any fees potentially due winner from LWM can be retained by LWM  to help defer LWM losses. In all cases, winners are liable to LWM and "owners" for 100% of all fees associated with collecting damages or other relief from such unlawful copyright infringement, including, but not limited to attorney's fees, judgements, and collection fees. As with all other disqualifications, all entrants to the competition, by signing the entry form, thereby agree that any such disqualification, dismissal, or award cancellation or recording termination at any moment in the CD demo award process means that the entrant [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] understand(s) that they accept such disqualification or termination without recourse and without appeal, having waived those rights upon registration. All decisions by LWM and/or "owners" regarding possible reasons for dismissal are final and without appeal by the entrant, [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)], and/or the entrant's appointed or legal representative, and/or [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] appointed or legal representative, in all these instances in perpetuity. If any award winner is dismissed at any time for any reason, the entrant will immediately forfeit their Twin Ports Idol award or awards in their entirety, and the value of their award(s) will immediately go back into the scholarship pool for the next LWM music competition. It is understood that any and all disqualified entrants, their agents, their family, associate(s) or representative(s) are not allowed to issue any statements, comments, or feedback regarding the Twin Ports Idol competition in any public interviews, press releases, or media coverage of the event. Disqualified entrants,[and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] their agent(s), their family, associates or any and all representatives of entrant are restricted in all public interviews, press releases, or media coverage to the use of the single two-word phrase "no comment"  in any and all such media exposure. LWM retains the right at any time to use any recording of any portion of the contest auditions, semi-finals, or finals or any of the winners songs or CD recordings for sale or promotion in any media or format in any future release or production of any kind without any reimbursement, compensation, acknowledgement, or reward to winner(s), and this permission for LWM and "owners" to make use of any audio or video recordings of the event or the final award free of charge holds true for the life of the copyright of any such recording even if winner(s) are disqualified for any reason. Entrants are required to utilize this website to find results of the judges' and/or audience decision(s), and NOT to call LWM or "owners" for results. All results will be posted here on this site: www.livingwatermusic.com. Any entrant [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] who visits, telephones, faxes or emails to obtain results will be instructed to utilize this website to obtain results of the competition. Any entrant [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] or entrant representative who calls any sponsor or media partner of this event in any repetitive, impolite, discourteous, or unprofessional way or to obtain results of the competition or to attempt to influence any of the judges' or audience decision(s) may be disqualified, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Persistent phone calls, faxes, emails or other such unreasonable or, in the view of LWM or "owners", impolite or discourteous telephone or business etiquette may be cause for dismissal/disqualification, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Any entrant who utilizes or attempts to utilize any means of self-advertizing or self-promotion in any media  to influence the judges' or audience decision at any point in the audition(s) or competition may be disqualified at LWM or "owners" discretion. Insufficient funds, cancelled checks, invalid credit card information or invalid credit card account is reason for immediate disqualification of entrant, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. Incomplete registration forms, or forms with missing data or signatures or incorrect data may disqualify the contestant, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion.

3. Responsibility of the Scholarship Winners:
Each individual finalist and each prize winner[and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] is/are obligated to perform a minimum of ten (10) Twin Ports Idol concert appearances in MN and/or WI scheduled by LWM and/or "owners" and up to twelve (12) Twin Ports Idol publicity events selected or approved by LWM and/or "owners" (and scheduled on behalf of LWM and "owners"). Each finalist and/or prizewinner shall complete these ten (10) concerts and (12) publicity events according to a schedule set by LWM and/or "owners", with all twenty-two (22) appearances occuring from May 13th, 2005 to October 12th, 2005. The Finale at Grandma's on May 12th, 2005 is not counted as one or more of these concerts or publicity events, nor are any of the other preliminary audition dates (03-03-05 to 03-31-05), or semi-final dates (04-07-05 to 05-05-05). All finalist(s) and/or prizewinner(s) are obligated to appear at "Twin Ports Idol" 2006 contest, including the honor of performing at least once during the semi-finals and/or finale, at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. All finalist(s) and/or prize winner(s) shall participate in these twenty-three (23) appearances without financial reimbursement, compensation or payment of any kind from LWM or "owners". Failure to meet these performance or appearance requirements can jeopardize a winner's or winners' award status, and may result in termination of the award(s) at LWM and "owners" discretion. Winners' accolades, recognition and public acknowledgement and awards pledged by LWM and "owners" represent the total and complete compensation to winners from LWM and "owners" for winners' performance of these twenty-three (23) concert appearances and publicity events; winners are obliged to perform these duties free of any charge, mileage or accommodation fee for LWM and "owners". 100% of all travel expenses and 100% of any other incidental expenses for any such concert appearance of publicity event are not LWM, "owners", nor any media partners or Twin Ports Idol sponsor's responsibility, but all such consequential or related expenses are the winner's individual responsibility, or, in the case of a minor, the winner's parent(s) or guardian(s) duty and responsibility.  Winner(s) are obligated to perform these twenty-three (23) concert appearances and publicity events (and pledge to do so at LWM and "owners" discretion) even if they are disqualified for any reason from receiving their prize(s) (see 2. Restrictions, Possible Reasons for Disqualification). Further concert appearances and or publicity events beyond the quantities listed above for LWM and "owners" will be negotiated between winner (or parent(s) or guardians(s) of minor winner) and LWM if, in LWM and "owners" sole discretion,  the winner's situation warrants it. But each Twin Ports Idol award winner is obligated to appear in concerts and publicity events for LWM and "owners" for a period of 400 days (hereafter called "2005 Winner's Appearances" and hereafter abbreviated WA) beginning on April 14th, 2005, the date of the final competition and ending on May 21st, 2006, and under no circumstances will any winner's fee for any single or individual date of performance or appearance (which is not included in the twenty-three (23) appearances noted above) exceed $50 (fifty US dollars) per concert appearance or publicity event during the life of WA. It is understood that LWM and "owners", as a result of their sponsorship of the awards, have a vested interest in each prize winner, and in the future development of the winner's music careers. Winners who go on to greater success are obligated to pay respect and homage to, and to give positive public affirmation and acknowledgement for years to come of LWM and "owners" for "discovering" the winners and for starting them on the path to success in the music industry. However, it is understood also that LWM and "owners" are in no way obligated to create concert appearances or publicity events for winners, but that LWM and "owners" may create these opportunities for winners if, in the sole discretion of LWM and "owners", the situation, level of talent and maketability warrants such action. Winners are obligated to positively affirm and acknowledge Twin Ports Idol,  Living Water Music, Inc. and Craig LiaBraaten in all their publicity and public appearances and performances from 04-14-05 to 05-21-06. When given the opportunity, each winner, or in the case of a minor,[and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] is required to publicly affirm and positively acknowledge Twin Ports Idol, LWM and "owners", and contest media partners and sponsors. If entrant, [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] or other representative(s) communicates, writes, says, or implies anything derogatory, uncomplimentary, libelous or slanderous in nature about Twin Ports Idol competition, LWM, "owners", media partners or sponsors in any media, in private or in public, it is understood  that Twin Ports Idol, LWM, or "owners" have complete and full right to postpone, adjust, withdraw, withhold or rescind winner's award(s), at LWM and/or "owners" sole discretion. LWM and "owners" shall have the exclusive right to either take on or to decline to assume management/talent agent responsibilities and consequent rewards for any Twin Ports Idol finalist and/or award winner, and this decision shall be the sole responsibility and at the sole discretion of LWM and "owners". Should LWM and/or "owners" decide to take on this management role for any Twin Ports Idol finalist or award winner, as finalist or award winner's exclusive manager and agent, LWM and "owners" would have the exclusive right to negotiate on behalf of finalist or winner with respect to all prospective media appearances, live performances, recording opportunities and other music talent related opportunities which may be discussed, negotiated, arranged, booked or completed at any time or on any date on or between the dates 05-12-05 and 05-12-06. LWM and "owners" have the right to declare and execute and enforce this exclusive management/talent agent provision of Twin Ports Idol policies & guidelines at LWM and "owners" sole discretion at any time or any date on or between the dates 03-03-05 and 05-12-06. LWM and "owners" shall also have the first right of refusal with regard to any Twin Ports Idol participant's management/talent agent representation on or between the dates 03-03-05 and 05-21-06. All Twin Ports Idol participants [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] are therefore required to inform LWM and "owners" if any music management, talent agent, recording studio or other "competitor" (see CPT list below) other than LWM approaches them or makes them an offer between 03-03-05 and 05-21-06. LWM and "owners", likewise, may terminate any such management/talent agent relationships with any finalist or award winner at any moment for any reason at LWM and "owners" sole discretion. As fair compensation for any contacts made, media appearances, performances scheduled, or recording opportunities which become apparent, LWM and "owners" shall be entitled to retrieving any expenses incurred by LWM or "owners" in the management/agent relationship directly from the full or gross value ot the management/agent opportunities created for the winner and also a minimum of 50% of all proceeds after expenses from any such management/agent ventures and/or performance, media exposure, and/or recording opportunities. At no time from 03-03-05 in perpetuity shall LWM and/or "owners" be asked or required to pay entrant, [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] any other fee or to cover or reimburse any entrant, parent or guardian expense (including, but not limited to travel expenses) which may result from opportunities created for entrant by LWM and/or "owners"; all such other related, consequential, incidental fees or expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the entrant, [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]. It is acknowledged that there will be strict deadlines and framework for completion of CD Demos, and that failure by winner(s) [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] to abide by such deadlines, policies or guidelines may result in forfeiture of the award(s) at LWM and/or "owners" discretion. All recordings will be made, produced, mixed, mastered, designed, duplicated, replicated, and/or manufactured exclusively by LWM and "owners" at LWM Hibbing, MN facility. 100% of all master recordings, all copies of the master recording in all media, all original songs by LWM, "owners" and/or prize winner(s), all premixes of the winner(s) project(s), all mixes of the winner(s) project(s), all CD masters, all remixes, all revisions, all album designs, all photos, artwork, logos, titles, and trademarks used in the design of the album cover, liner notes and CD, and all glass masters, master cassettes, VHS cassettes, SVHS cassettes, DVDs or duplicated, replicated or manufactured CDs and other media shall be and remain the exclusive copyrighted property of LWM and/or "owners" for a period of seventy (70) years, as indicated in the US Library of Congress Copyright Law (regards to Sonny Bono). Winners, [and minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] are solely and 100% responsible for travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses incurred during the recording process, and for any required concerts or appearances that winner(s) are required to fulfill or choose to fulfill or as a result of this competition. Exclusivity: Winners are not allowed to promote, advertize for or on behalf of, assist, represent, perform or sing on behalf of, retain, hire, commission or utilize any other "competitor" (hereafter referred to as CPT) of LWM or "owners" from 04-14-05 to 05-21-06. By definition, CPT includes any other recording studio, mastering studio, CD duplicating or manufacturing facility, sound and lighting company, DJ entertainer or DJ company, entertainer or entertainment company, music lessons studio, or talent agent which is not owned or operated by LWM or "owners", and whose mailing address, physical address, corporate address, or area of service or coverage has in the past included or during the life of WA includes any city, town, or zip code in the five-state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Michigan. If, in the sole opinion of LWM and "owners", it is discovered or becomes apparent that any winner has violated, is violating, or that violation of this exclusivity clause appears imminent or likely during the life of WA, such winner may jeopardize, limit, delay or lose their award(s) at LWM and/or "owners" sole discretion. LWM reserves the right to use, edit, master, redo, transform, issue and re-issue, market and use for promotional or sale puposes any and all footage or recordings captured during the entirety of the competition, including but not limited to the usage of all Video Recordings, Audio Recordings and still images without any reimbursement, compensation, acknowledgement or reward to winner, [and/or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] or winner's representatives by LWM or "owners".  By entering and signing the Registration Form, entrants and their parents and/or guardians, if entrant is of minor age, hereby release the organizers, advertizers, and sponsors of "Twin Ports Idol" and "Twin Ports Teen Idol" from any present or future claims regarding "Twin Ports Idol 2005" or "Twin Ports Teen Idol 2005".  Entrants of legal age and parents or guardians of minor entrants agree upon registration that they there are no expressed or implied rights or recourse by entrant, entrant's representative(s), guardian(s), parent(s), or heir(s), and that, by registering for Twin Ports Idol, entrant(s) and/or their representatives, guardians, parents, or heirs thereby waive all rights to any appeal or further action in court of law or in the media regarding any proceedings, policies, guidelines, decisions, or facts of Twin Ports Idol competition, and furthermore agree to hold all sponsors, including LWM, "owners", KDLH TV, Grandma's, Radisson, and other sponsors and their employees, owners, shareholders, or volunteers jointly and individually blameless and henceforth in perpetuity not reponsible for any claims or damages of any kind which may or do result from entrant's participation in or entrant's inability to participate in or progress through preliminary, and/or semi-final and/or Twin Ports Idol finale rounds. All Finalists will be required to learn and all winners will be required to rehearse with LWM personnel and be prepared to perform the winner's song(s), chosen by LWM and "owners", and made available to all finalists prior to the date of the Finale. All CD award winners will work with LWM and "owners" in the selection of songs, album design and title for their CD demo, but all final decisions on song choice, album design, title and type of manufacturing and/or the possibility of sale, promotion, distribution, or marketing of the final product and marketing or talent representation of the winner(s) shall be made by solely by LWM and "owners". If winner or winners become disqualified for any reason, or any Twin Ports Idol awards are terminated or eliminated for any reason, awards may be transferred another finalist or to another LWM or "owners" competition winner, at LWM or "owners" discretion.

4. Policies & Guidelines for Auditions and Performances:
All Preliminary Auditions, whether in person at the Preliminary Audition Site in Duluth, MN from March 3rd to March 31st, 2005 or via videotaped audition (unedited VHS tape or DVD) received by LWM by March 15th, 2005, are required to consist of only one (1) song a cappella (without accompaniment or assistance of any kind from any device, instrument or other person). It is understood that individual auditions and/or competition appearances can be terminated at any moment at the judges', LWM, or "owners" discretion, and that, like all other decisions, this determination and/or termination is without appeal. Payment is made prior to the audition, and forms of acceptable payment are listed above in 1. (Policies & Guidelines for Participation and Awards). Entrants will proceed into the judging room only when called. If any entrant [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)] attempts to enter the judges' room without permission, listen in on or disturb or influence the audition of another entrant, the offending entrant may be disqualified, at LWM or "owners" discretion. Adult entrants: Only the entrant is allowed into the judging room.  Minor entrants: One (1) Parent or adult guardian is allowed into the judging or audition room with the minor entrant, but parent or guardian is not allowed to speak with the judges or assist the minor child with their performance in any way. Each entrant will be assigned a number, and will be called and addressed by this number during the preliminary round, to ensure accurate record keeping and tabulation of judges' scores. No still cameras, video cameras, cell phones, visual aids, headphones, iPods, Walkmen, or other music, electronic or computer equipment are allowed into the judges' room. Under no circumstances are photos or video permitted or allowed to be captured by any family member, friend,  associate, or other contestant of the entrant during the preliminary auditions. In this way, preliminary auditions are "closed", and only captured or recorded by LWM. All songs are required to be performed by memory. Entrants are judged on their overall and complete presentation, not just on their voice. Stage presence, star quality, talent level, attitude, professionalism, memory, vocal skill and technique, personal hygiene, marketing potential, charisma, communication to the audience, projection, politeness, courtesy, stage etiquette, choice of songs and choice of dress are all used to judge the entrants. Dress is included in the judges' critique of stage presence and stage etiquette, and inappropriate performance attire or presentation can be cause for immediate dismissal, at judges', LWM, or "owners" discretion. Judges' decisions are final and without appeal, and all tiebreakers and/or consideration of audience applause for determination of winner(s) shall be the exclusive privilege and responsibility of LWM owner Craig LiaBraaten. Upon registration all entrants agree that any dismissal for any reason is without appeal and/or recourse or reimbursement. If any part(s) of this Policies & Guidelines document or this website or any advertizing or publicity for Twin Ports Idol generated by LWM and/or "oweners" is found to be unclear, ambiguous, meaningless or inappropriate in court of law, or if any part herein is deemed unlawful or unenforceable for any reason, then all other parts of this Policies & Guidelines document for Twin Ports Idol, this website, and any advertizing or publicity for this event generated by LWM and/or "owners" shall remain in force and enforceable during the Twin Ports Idol auditions and competition and following the competition for a period of ten (10) years (or, in the case of copyright law, for an initial protected period of seventy (70) years, which is renewable at that time by the present copyright owners under US Copyright law) by LWM and/or "owners", as well as their heirs, their beneficiaries, their legal representatives and, if need be, their powers of attorney.

5. Results of Auditions and Performances:
ALL RESULTS of all preliminary auditions, all semi-finalists, and all finalists WILL BE POSTED ON THIS SITE: www.livingwatermusic.com. All entrants are urged to check this site periodically for updates and possible changes in dates of the competition, or possible changes in location due to any unforseen but necessary reason. LWM and/or "owners" are not responsible if any entrant misses a schedule change or change of venue or other change, including, but not limited to, a possible change in any of the dates & times in the event schedule of this competition, or a possible change or clarification with regard to any of the guidelines and policies of the competition. All entrants are responsible to provide their own means to access this site at their own expenses of time and resources. Entry fee is non-refundable even if entrant misses a schedule change, change of venue, change in the guidelines and policies of the competition, or other change by failing to access and/or check back with this website for any reason. Entrants [or minor entrant's parent(s) and/or guardian(s)]or their representatives are permitted to telephone or email LWM or "owners" to inquire about "Twin Ports Idol", but NOT to obtain results of the judges' or audience decision(s). Furthermore, entrants are NOT to telephone, email, or otherwise contact any sponsor or media partner of this event for information regarding this competition, but to utilize THIS LWM "Twin Ports Idol" WEBSITE ONLY for all inquires, questions, comments, needs, or results of the competition. Entrants who do not adhere to this policy may jeopardize their standing in the competition, their prize or both, at LWM or "owners" sole discretion.

6. Interpretation of This Document:
Definition, interpretation and explanation of all terms, ideas, concepts, rules, regulations, policies & guidelines contained in this document, and/or advertised in any media for Twin Ports Idol, and/or communicated orally through any media during the course of this competition shall from 01-29-05 henceforth in perpetuity be the sole and exclusive right and responsibility of LWM and "owners". Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, or any other typographical or linguistic errors herein shall in no way change or invalidate any of the contents of this document or LWM interpretation of this document now or in the future, in perpetuity.

Singing Competition Minnesota and Wisconsin $18,000 in Prizes

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