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Hear whatourstudents and parents and communities are saying
about the music lessons and Kindermusik classes
given at the Hibbing School of Music
by Craig LiaBraaten!


Brittney Blair (Nashwauk, MN)

   “Ihave taken lessons with Craig LiaBraaten for about 7 years. I've had the
opportunity to record 2 CDs and I am going to be starting my third one soon.
    On May 7th, 2006, I had the great experience of singing the National Anthem
forthe Minnesota Twins. I have also competed in Twin Ports Idol and Iron Range Idol.
    Other performances include, Hibbing Historical Society, Guardian Angels Nursing home,
Christmas concerts, Security State Bank, street dances, school talent shows.
    What I enjoy so much about lessons is the fact that Mr. Craig gets me and
his other students so excited about learning music.
    I feel that I couldn't be this good of a singer without his help.
    My favorite thing is the performances. I love them! They have also made
me a more confident person.”

Jenna Massingill (Keewatin, MN)
    “Craig LiaBraaten has been my piano teacher for 5 years. Playing my piano
has not only taught me discipline but it also helped me in my school studies. It sharpens
your mind in your concentration and focusing on your work because that is what piano
playing is about.
    My love of piano playing and the teaching of Mr. Craig has helped me grow
musically, for I also play the Flute, Trumpet, and Piano. I love music and playing music.
    I strongly recommend Mr. Craig as a teacher because he's smart and funny
and is great with kids who have the love of music.”

Cassie Wenberg (Hibbing, MN)
    “I have been taking lessons with Craig LiaBraaten for about 2 years. I have
wona lot of awards like in 2004 I won 1st prize beginner voice, grand prize (Tie)-voice
bronze award.
    This year I won “Iron Range Idol”!!!!!! and “Born To TheStage”!!!!!! I have
participated in a lot of the performances almost all of them since 2004!
    What I like most about my lessons is that I get to learn more things about
music and how my voice has developed since I have started music lessons!
    I also like how Mr. Craig is always funny, and how he makes learning music
really fun! I love my music lessons and can't wait for my next one and the ones after that!”

Megan Moyer (Mountain Iron, MN)
    “Iam 11 years old. I have been taking voice lessons with Craig LiaBraaten
for just over a year now. In that time I have been invited to sing publicly six times, not
including two performance recitals. I received Third Place in Intermediate Voice in
July 2006, and was Fifth Place in 2006 "Iron Range Idol".
    I always look forward to going to lessons because Mr. Craig is always
finding new music for me to try. He always encourages me to do my best, and shows
me ways to keep improving.”

Heidi King (Keewatin, MN)

    "I have been taking lessons with Craig LiaBraaten for almost 7 years. I have
won many awards including 15 trophies, 2 CD demos,and many other recognitions. I have
participatedin 6 recitals, performances at my school, and a local "Tribute to Grandparents" day.
I love taking lessons.
     Craig makes it so fun! He lets you learn the songs YOU
to and makes learning music fun. Learning the play the piano was one of the best
that I have made, and choosing Craig as my teacher was also another."

Lisa & Frank Vidas -Parents (Eveleth, MN)
     "Thanks for all your hard work with Megan. Shereally enjoys singing, and Frank and I
appreciate the effort and all the events you put on for your students! Thanks Craig!
    Signed - Lisa Vidas

Helen & Randy Shackelton - Parents - Emily Shackelton - Voice &Piano Student (Biwabik, MN)
      EmilyShackelton sang "Colors of the Wind" from Pocohontas on GarrisonKeillor's
world famous "PrairieHome Companion" at the tender age of 10. To everyone's delight,
especially her fans fromnorthern Minnesota and the Iron Range here, Emily captured the
Grand Prize on thatawards show, winning from a field of adults and professional musicians,
vocalists, bands, andmusic ensembles invited to participate by Mr. Keillor from all over the
United States.
    Emily studied voice with Craig LiaBraaten for seven (7) years, andpiano and songwriting
for several years in theLiaBraaten Teaching Studios Virginia, MN & Hibbing locations. Emily
is currently studying forher music degree at Berkley, will soon be married, and then head off
to Nashville, Tennessee,where she has accepted a prestigious music appointment.
     "Mr. Craig -
     We wanted to take a moment & thank you forall the hard work you have done for Emily
and our family over the past six (6) years.
     You are the best music teacher, and we wantedto let you know how much we appreciate
everything you have done - like the CD demo recording scholarships and other awards, and
your help with Emily's appearance on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion - and the
many hours you have put in!
     Thanks again for everything!"
    Signed - Helen, Randy & Emily Shackelton

Dale and Nancy Davidson -Parents - Dustin Davidson - Piano and Music Composition Student,
(Hibbing, MN)
     "Dear Craig,
     It is said that 'it takes a Village to raise a child', and you have been a big part of the
'Village' that has helped to raise Dustin. I have also heard it said that teenagers need an adult, other than their parents, to depend on,and you have been one of those adults for
Dustin. And again I read that a child needs many 'assets' to become awell-rounded adult, and you have definitely been one of those assets for Dustin.
     Words could not possibly thank you enough for all the many things you have done for
Dustin. The confidence you have helped Dustin obtain, for the wonderful experiences you have made available to him - - such as the CDs andmusic performances - -for the fantastic
piano lessons that he has enjoyed so much - - for being such a good role model - - and most
of all, the friendship you have extended to him.
     We want you to know that we truly appreciate and thank you for all you have done for
Dustin and the community of Hibbing. We wish you the best in all you do, and let it be known that in your lifetime, you have made a difference.
     Thank you and sincerely,"
    Signed - Dale & Nancy Davidson, Hibbing, MN

Michele Packa (Iron, MN)
     "Craig, thank you so much for the music scholarship and expensive gift of classical
music library! I really appreciate everything that you do for me - -you are a very
special person!!
     In the seven (7) years that I've been taking piano lessons from your studio, the thing
that has changed my playing the most, is that you taught me to playfrom my heart. I'll
never forget the things you've said about how you can play all theright notes, andpush
all the right buttons, but if it's not from your heart - - it'snothing.
     You've helped to give me confidence, and you've always inspired me to be the best
that I can be - - God bless you for your faithfulness!
     In Him,"
    Signed - Michele Packa

Frank and Angela Debelak - Kindermusik Parents(Hibbing, MN)
    "Hi Craig & Leah! Just wanted you to know how happy we are with your Kindermusik
classes! We recommend them to everyone we know, and if any potential clients would like
someone to contact, feel free to pass along our info!

Our 3 year old, Miriam,delights in the singing, dancing, games, and interaction at
Kindermusik each week, and in between time loves the shakers, music, piano music,
stories, and everything else that came with the At Home Materials.We've seen Miriam
develop so much since beginning Kindermusik - she loves to tinker awayat the piano, but
instead of it sounding like 'banging', it actually has a beautiful melody all of her own! It's
like she's a budding Mozart! :-) Miriam looks forward to Kindermusikevery week and gets
so excited when we're ready to go!

    Frank IV, who's 9 months old now, seems very advanced musically as well,since beginning Kindermusik at 6 months! He 'dances' bopping up anddown to music
whenever he hears it, and seems to have great rhythm! He loves class,too, and I know
he's thinking 'Ooooo that looks like so much fun, I can't wait to learn to walk!'

    Angela's degree in Psychology reminds us that our children are benefiting much more
than the obvious music ways - we love the chart you had on the wall detailing how
Kindermusik touches every part of the child's brain - emotional, social, physical, language,
music, etc.

    Bravofor educating parents!

    We appreciate Kindermusik so much because of the supportive familyatmosphere - we
love to go, too, and our children have no anxiety about us leaving and can just enjoy
learning! Yeah!!!

    Thank you so much for all you put into Kindermusik - your reputation for excellence is
evident! We'll be annual Kindermusik-goers until our youngest is 7! :-)Thank you!!!!
    Signed- Frank and Angela Debelak

Tisha Shepersky (Anchorage,Alaska, formerly Chisholm, MN)
     "Craig - you are the most talented person I'veever met! You were truly given a great gift.
Thank you so much for taking your time to share you gift with others! Even though I chose
not to further my education in music, I know that it will always be abig part of my life.
     Leah, you are such a great person! You'd do anything just to make someone else's life a
little easier!"
    Signed - Tisha Shepersky

Constance Jones - CEO / President, Virginia Are Chamber of Commerce(Virginia, MN) -
student & mentor music performance reference

    "Craig & Leah & Students,
     Thanks so much for doing such a fine job of entertaining area families this past
     Your special touch was very much appreciated!
     Warm Regards, Constance Jones
     P.S. We will be having a wrap-up & planning for next year soon.
Any recommendations you have are appreciated for improving this event!"
     Signed - Constance Jones

Helen Sedey - adult [senior citizen] piano student of Craig LiaBraaten,
Fayal Township (Eveleth, MN)

    "Memo to: Craig
     Thank you for the blank tapes.
     Thank you again for coming to my rescue at thetime of the 'flood'.
     Thank you for recording my 33 1/3 records ontotapes. I have been spending time
     Thank you for all of the kind, thoughtful things you do for me throughout the years. I do
appreciate everything.
     Thank you for always encouraging me and believing I can 'reach higher' as a musician.
     Thanks to you, I have 'listened to my heart; followed my dreams; reached for the stars'!"
    Signed - Helen Sedey, Fayal Township, Eveleth, MN

HelenSedey, adult [senior citizen] piano student of Craig LiaBraaten,
Fayal Township (Eveleth, MN)
     "Craig, thank you for printing larger in my piano workbook. I can now read it easier.
     I don't want to miss any of the lucid instructions.
     Also, thank you for the encouragement and your patience."
    Signed - Helen Sedey, Fayal Township, Eveleth, MN

Nona Lendacky - Adult Music Student (Hibbing, MN)
Nona, adult voice and songwriting student of Craig LiaBraaten, presented a plaque and
framed picture to CraigLiaBraaten with this inscription in 2004 after she recorded her first
vocal demo scholarship ofher own original songs:
     "Craig LiaBraaten is a Teacher...dedicated toexcellence.
     Encourager, good-humored, talented, musically superb, precise.
     Helping & challenging each student tofulfill their musical goals while blessing others
as they do so.
     Living life with gusto, flair and appreciation!
     Reminding us of life, preciousness; ourprivilege to enjoy it, and our response to
encourage others as we journey through.
     We appreciate your message, your method, and you!
     With gratitute and esteem, your student and friend,"
    Signed - Nona Lendacky 2004

PieterBekker - Parent (Hibbing, MN)
    "When my wife and I decided to give our 7 year old daughter music lessons,
we were concerned she was too young. Mr. Craig assured us she was not and we
went ahead.
    Kaitlyn has taken both piano and vocal lessons, and is a budding musician ather
currentage of 9. Mr. Craig's innovative lesson approach assures us that she remains
excited, challenged and interested.
    And besides that, Kaitlyn LOVES Mr. Craig!"

Tina Powers - Parent (Cook, MN)
    “I HIGHLY recommend Hibbing School ofMusic / LiaBraaten Teaching Studio.
    My daughter, Maddy, has been taking lessons for 6 months. She looks forward to each lesson and hasn't missed one yet. Leah has been great, scheduling with flexibility when
    It is well worth the drive for us, and we live in the Cook area. I have seen positive
changes in my daughter, aside from improvement in her singing, breathing, and stage presence.
    She has become more responsible, has gained self-confidence, and no longer has
"jitters" speaking or singing for a crowd. She now sets goals for herself.
    Craig hasa great balance when he teaches. He is very professional, encouraging,
and always makes learning fun. He has provided lots of opportunities for his students
to perform in the community.
    I am impressed with how the students were so supportive of each-other at their
recitals and performances. They show good sportsmanship!
    As a parent, Iencourage you to get your children enrolled in the Hibbing School of Music.”

LynnStish - Parent (Hibbing, MN)
    “Mydaughter, Jordan Stish, age 8, began taking voice lessons from 'Mr.Craig' last
year at the age of 7. Mr. Craig's gentle, positive teaching style has helped Jordan
developinto a poised, confident, young performer.
    He has helped enhance her music appreciation through his extra credit

NameThat Tune” game at the end of each lesson. He has motivated her to
not only continue voice lessons, but to begin piano lessons, too.
    Mr.Craig is a true inspiration to Jordan and a professional music educator. He has
given Jordan the opportunity to perform at various venues including the local mall,
nursing homes, local parks, parades and on the Memorial Building's “LittleTheater”
    Her self confidence has increased because of these performing opportunities, and
I have seen this carry over into other aspects of her life including church, school,
and social situations.
    We highly recommend Mr. Craig LiaBraaten for a music teacher / coach.”

DaNeil Sirjord - Parent(Hibbing, MN)
    "My daughter, KeKe, is 10 years old and has beentaking piano lessons from Mr. Craig
since she was in the 1st grade. 
    Mr. Craig's approach with her is alwayspositive.  He makes lessons fun and approaches
her learning utilizing a variety of methods.  He works with her toset personal goals and
takes her lead in terms of choosing songs that are appropriate for herlevel. 
    I would highly recommend Mr. Craig as a pianoinstructor. 
    KeKe looks forward to lessons each week and she enjoys her practice time! 
As an educator, I know that children who are active in the arts do better in school. 
Music is a powerful tool that helps the brain develop. 
    Mr. Craig has helped KeKe develop a love of musicthat will stay with her for life. 
Thank you, Mr. Craig!"

Kathryn Feroe – Parent, Adult Music Student (Superior, WI)
    “CraigLiaBraaten is a talented musician as well as an enthusiastic, quality teacher.
Not only does he provide his students with a solid learning experience, but he also has a

wide venue of performance opportunities. After all, experience is how one really learns.
    This sets him apart from any other voice teacher in the Northland.
    We are more than satisfied with our adult daughter's [Heidi Feroe's]transformation
under his guidance.”

Jamie McDougall – Parent, Adult Music Student (Hibbing, MN)
    “As a long time pianist and choir singer, I hoped to improve my musicability with voice
lessons. A 'mature adult,' I know I am doing this just to fulfill a dream.
    After the first two lessons, I sang for my adult children.... and they were impressed with
my nearly immediate improvement! Craig's knowledge, fun-loving attitude and support
make every lesson a celebration.
    I'm having a blast!”

Lynette Wollenetz – Adult Music Student (Superior, WI)
    “Craig LiaBraaten is not only an exceptional teacher, but also a World-Class musician.
More importantly, he and his wife are people of integrity.
    It took me years to get the courage to find a teacher, because I thought I was being silly
wanting to sing. But Craig made me feel comfortable & he has brought tremendous joy
into my life thru music.
    I consider myself very fortunate to have Craig as my instructor.”

Jim Skipper, husband of Angie Skipper, Craig's adult voice student - Lake Vermilion, MN
    "Craig and Leah, Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.
    You have helped Angie meet a goal that she neverwould have thought possible. Her
CD demo recording was a great gift and inspiration to her. Thank you.
    We look forward to performing music together in Florida and later in Minnesota.
    Both Angie and I wish you continued good health anda happy holiday season.
    I hope to get the time myself to take lessons from you. Thanks!"

Angie Skipper - Adult Voice Student (Tower, MN)
    "Craig & Leah, thank you so much for awarding mea CD Demo Scholarship. I am excited
to continue with voice lessons and to also continue to grow in confidence and ability. You
both have been helpful & encouraging to me."
    Signed- Angie Skipper, Mountain Iron, MN

Tim Johnson - husband of Kari Johnson, Craig'sadult voice student - Cook, MN
    "Just wanted to pass on a thank you for your vocal teaching services.
    Kari, my wife, has been able to utilize and enjoy her vocal gifts a lot more following
the sessions she spent with Craig. This has been a very important part of her life as music
is the one thing in life that she REALLY enjoys.
     She has continued using the practice tapes several times a week, is part of a 'praise
team' at our church each Sunday, has a solo in the Christmas Pageant this Sunday, and
has performed at one wedding so far.
     THANK YOU! I wish she had worked with you sooner!
     We wish you a Blessed Holiday Season."
    Signed - Tim & Kari Johnson, Cook, MN

Jamie MacDougall, adult voice student and parent of a voice a piano student - Hibbing, MN
    "Dear Mr. Craig,
    You are like the Pied Piper of Hamlin with all thosebeautiful kids on the stage. It is obvious they all love you, and Iknow my little Kaitlyn does. She was thrilled with her
CD last night, and when I put it in my purse to take it home, she reminded me to be sure
to give it back to her. Cute! She is so proud she is learning both voice and piano.
    God wants those who have been given great gifts todo much. I love watching you do
that. You have been given the obviously great gift of music and the less obvious gifts of
humor and teaching and a kind a generous soul. Yourrapport with the kids is awonderful gift, as well.  I hope you know that you are lifting them up and helping them get their
voices. What a job!
    Leah with the 'smiling voice' is a treasure. I amconstantly amazed at her juggling ability.
She is lovely, charming, efficient, delightful. What a great job she is doing!
    We all need kind words and 'attaboys' now and then. You have given me many kind words and I thank you. Please accept these kind words and be aware that I am proud to
know you. I am sure glad that I got up the nerve to take voice lessons.Great decision!
    On another subject; do you think that Nona might let me sing her song? It is really beautiful."

Floyd & Bonnie Cole, Bigfork, MN - parents of award-winning voice student and recording
artist, Andrea Cole
   "God bless those who give of themselves. May He reward you for being sokind.
Thanks once more for a wonderful concert. Hope your long trip home was good.
    The CD you gave for free at lunch time was soappreciated by the lady who received it. She lost her husband in February. She lives at Pine Tree Villa, where I volunteer two
mornings a week. She called to say 'What a wonderful gift'.
    You are such giving people & we are so thankful for all you have done for Andrea &
Jacob & so many others.
    One day you will have a great reward. In God's love,"
    Signed - Floyd & Bonnie Cole, Bigfork, MN

Linda, Miles & Matthew Matta - benefit concert attendees for performances by two students of mentor CraigLiaBraaten, Andrea Cole and Jacob Rahier in Bigfork, MN
     We enjoyed you benefit concert at Bigfork,especially the piano piece with '32 notes per
second'  and the 'Name That Tune' selection of several songs you played that we were
supposed to guess.
      Andrea & Jacob have improved so muchin their singing, thanks to your wonderful teaching."
      Signed- Linda, Miles & Matthew Matta, Effie, MN

Janet Kiesel, Pam Dixon and Becky Edstrom, 2002Alzheimer's Memory Walk Committee,
Fairview Regional Health Services, Hibbing, MN - student & mentormusic performance reference
    "Dear Craig and Leah,
    We would like to extend our gratitude to you andyour students. The music and talent
was wonderful! We truly appreciate your time and the enthusiasm you shared with us
during our 2002 Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Great job - thank you! :-)
    We thank you and hope to see you next year! (June18th, 2003). Sincerely,"
    Signed- 2002 Alzheimer's Memory Walk Committee Members, Janet Kiesel, PamDixon,
and Becky Edstrom,Fairview Regional Health Services, Hibbing, MN

Kathrun Sislo, GuardianAngels Health & Rehabilitation Center, Hibbing, MN - student
&mentor music performance reference
    "Dear Craig, Leah and Students,
    Thank you for the wonderful musical program for our Christmas Tea. I realize how
so much time and effort went into putting this program together for us.What ajoyful
time we had. I have had many compliments on the wonderful talents shared with us.
    Your music studio is truly an impressive addition to this community that enriches
the lives of the students and those who are fortunate to be able to listen to them.
    We hope that you enjoyed your time with us and hopeyou will visit us again in the
near future. Thank you for enriching the holidays for all at Guardian Angels. May you
have a joyful holiday season.:
    Signed- Kathryn Sislo, Guardian Angels Nursing Home, Hibbing, MN

Guardian Angels Nursing Home, Hibbing, MN -student & mentor music performance reference
    "Craig, Leah & Students,
    Wishing you a day as warm as your heart...as welcome as your thoughtfulness...as
appreciated as your kindness. Thanks you to all who helped in providing the wonderful
music program. We enjoyed it so much."
    Signed- Residents & Staff, Guardian Angels Nursing Home, Hibbing, MN

Carol Cicmil, Security State Bank, Hibbing, MN - mentor & student music performance reference
    "Craig, your concert at Security State Bank last Friday was delightful and gave
everyone an enjoyable afternoon. This poem, 'The Star Polisher' by Leah Becks, is YOU,
Craig! Your student, Nicole, showed it! Thanks!"
Signed - Carole Cicmil,Security State Bank, Hibbing, MN
    Quoting here is the masterful poem Carol sent, "The Star Polisher" by Leah Becks:
    "THE STAR POLISHER" - by Leah Becks
    My job is to take the stars in, and shine them and buff them, and then send them out into the sky.
    I have a great job in the universe of occupations. What do I do? I'm a "star polisher."
    It's a very important job. If you want to know how important, just go out at night and look at the stars twinkling and sparkling.
    You see, I'm a teacher. The stars are the childrenin my class. My job is to take them in - in whatever shape they
come - and shine and buff them and them send them out to take theirplaces as bright little twinkling beacons in the sky.
    They come into my room in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they're bent, tarnished, dirty, crinkly, and broken.
Some stars are cuddly, soft, and sweet. Some stars are prickly and thorny.
    As I buff, polish, train, and teach my little stars,I tell them that the world cannot do without them. I tell them they
can do anything they set their minds to do. I tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky, and the world
will be a better place because of them.
    Each night as I look at the sky, I'm reminded of my very important job and awesome responsibility. I go and get
my soft buffing cloth and my bottle of polish in preparation for tomorrow and for my class of little stars."

    Thankyou & kudos, Leah Becks, for writing this inspiring verse! What afitting analogy!

 Ross & Karen Emerson, father &mother of the bride, Courtney Emerson 
    "Dear Craig & Leah,
    Thank you for the wonderful job you did singing & playing at Courtney's wedding. The
young man [Jacob Rahier of Bigfork, MN] who sang the second song wasoutstanding. He
should have a promising career ahead with that voice!
     The enormous effort you made to makeCourtney's day perfect was greatly appreciated.
The dance was a blast & people were out there dancing from the first note on.
     Craig, you are in my prayers daily. God Bless you."
Ross &Karen Emerson, father & mother of the bride, Courtney Emerson

Sandy Holcomb, Co-Chair, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Hibbing, MN
    "Dear Craig LiaBraaten and your talented voice & piano students,
    Thank you on behalf of the American Cancer Society for being a corporate sponsor for
this years Relay for Life. Because of you and your students, this years music was fantastic.
Thank you for helping to make our event a big success.
    We do appreciate all you do for us. Sincerely,"
    Signed- Sandy Holcomb, Co-Chair, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Hibbing, MN

Tina and Jim Powers, Angora, MN - Parents
    "Craig, words cannot express how appreciative we were last week when you took
the time at the end of your work day to zap Maddy's music onto a CD. You arevery
dedicated in your work and it shows through all of your voice & piano students.
    Madeline has learned so much from you in the past four months. She is now much
more self-confident when she sings or speaks in front of a large crowd.
    She looks forward to each weekly lesson. You do awonderful job teaching, and
you know how to make learning fun.
    Thank you once again."
    Signed- Tina and Jim Powers, Angora, MN

Rev. Mark Palmer - SeniorPastor, Grace Lutheran Church (Hibbing, MN)
    "Craig LiaBraaten became my daughter Emily's piano teacher, which has provided
her with great opportunity to expand her abilities under his superb tutelage.
    Clearly, the greater Hibbing area is also blessed tohave a businessman / musician of his caliber in our community. His efforts have not only provided a work place for numerous
individuals over the years, but the quality and high end musical training and oversight that
few small communities can boast of.
    I have wondered at times how a man who is head and shoulders above the norm in his musical field is in Hibbing, Minnesota when he could easily thrive in any metropolitan area.
I am thankful toGod and appreciative of the blessings that come to our greatercommunity through his multiple talents and abilities."

Lynn & Darin Stish - Parents (Hibbing, MN)
    "Dear Mr. Craig & Miss Leah -
    Thanks so very much for all that you have given (andcontinue to give) to the young
musicians and singers of the Hibbing area. Your generosity, support forthe community,
positive guidance & love of music is very much appreciated by so many.
    On a personal level, you have been such a positiveinfluence and role model for our
daughter, Jordan, and our niece, KeKe. They have both benefitted so much because of
your teaching, guidance and support. We truly appreciate all that you do.
    Please keep up the excellent tradition that you've established in our area. As our town
continues to grow, I'm positive your industry will flourish. If we can ever be of any help,
don't hesitate to call. Sincerely,"
    Signed- Lynn & Darin Stish, Hibbing, MN

Catherine McBride and Dr. Russell Bergum, DO (Virginia, MN)
    "We feel that the Kindermusik program offered by Living Water Music is an excellent
opportunity for establishing an early and solid foundation for learning and musical
development. The program centers around logical musical activities each with a specific
developmental objective including recognition of high versus low notes, rhythm patterns,
social interaction, listening and movement. We see benefits beyond simple musical
appreciation including balance, concentration and the ability to stop an activity on time.
    The class structure is an excellent realm for building our child's confidence in
participation as well as socialization in seeing other children learn together. We are happy
with the class length and transition among activities to stimulate, focus and hold our
child's attention.
    Craig LiaBraaten presents the Kindermusik in anamusing and safe environment. His
comfortable approach is clearly based on a solid foundation of musical expertise. He
explains the logical and developmental process behind each activity which not only
teaches the parents about musical development, but also provides an unambiguous
structure that may be followed outside the class to increase the depthof learning.
    Our daughter Sylvie began her music study with Craig at 6 months of age and we are so
happy with her development and enjoyment that we see no end to our association with
Living Water Music and Kindermusik with Craig and Leah LiaBraaten.
    Many thanks for a strong, smart and worthwhile class."

Amber Emerson (Hibbing, MN)
    "My son Cooper who started Kindermusik at 2 1/2years old, looks forward to his "music
class with Mr. Craig & Leah" all week. His listening skills & following directions have improved so much.
    Craig & Leah are amazing with each child,showing individual attention to each. They
are very impressive & dedicated to making Kindermusik special forthe entire family.
    My daughter Macie is 15 months old and attends the"Village" class. She also loves
her time there. I see such a big difference in the way she really listens to the music now.
I know she can feel the rhythm in it.
    Since enrolling my children in Kindermusik, they sing & hum most of the day, smiling
and enjoying music. It has not only been a wonderful experience forthem, but I have truly
enjoyed listening & watching them grow with these classes.
    Yes, definitely, I recommend 'Hibbing School of Music presents Kindermusik' to others.
    I will be back each year!"
    Amber Emerson rated the following items a "perfect 10" in our Kindermusik customer
survey: Professionalism,Customer Service, Quality of your instructor (Craig LiaBraaten),
Quality of in-classdemonstrations and in-class music selections, and Overall Value
of the Program.

Randy S. Peterlin - Parent (Hibbing, MN)
    "Craig & Leah,
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I had a great time at the recital. Sean really
enjoys his voice and piano lessons with you."
    Signed - Randy S.Peterlin, Hibbing, MN

Margie Veschell - Parent (Side Lake, MN)
    "Dear Craig,
    Thank you very much for teaching Brittany and Drew voice and piano lessons. They have
really learned a lot from you, and I'm happy with the progress they made with learning to
read music, too.
    They enjoy having your for a teacher.
    As I told Leah, Britt must have told me at least 3-4 times - - 'I had a VERY good lesson'
last week - - and she was absolutely BEAMING.
    God bless you and Leah!
    Signed- Margie Veschell

Ed Hulin - Grandparent & Tuition Sponsor (West Palm Beach, FL)
     "Dear Craig,
     Grandma and Grandpa are indeed very pleasedand happy that Granddaughter Molly
and Grandson Gus are making good progress in their musical training with you.
     They have mentioned they are very pleased withtheir teacher [Craig LiaBraaten], and
results indicate that she is receiving very good instructions.
     We thank you and we are very confident that under your guidance they will continue to
be good students.
     We wish you a very successful recital.
    Signed - Grandpa Ed Hulin

Eunice Kosta - Grandparent & Tuition Sponsor (Zim, MN)
     "Mr. LiaBraaten,
     The singing was wonderful at your recitalyesterday. I especially enjoyed my
granddaughter Rachel Eastman singing.
     You are doing a GREAT job. Music is awonderful thing. Sincerely,"
    Signed - Eunice Kosta "Grandma"

Isaac Niebeling (Hibbing, MN)
     "Dear Mr. LiaBraaten,
     Thank you very much for the scholarship. Ithink if I try even harder, I can do even
     Thanks again!
     Your student,
     Isaac Niebeling"

Chuck and Pam Soderling - Parents (Gilbert, MN)
     "Dear Craig,
     Thank you for your encouragement to our boys [Tom, Mike & Luke], and, of course,
for the excellent musical training you are providing. We appreciateyour input in our
boys' lives."
    Signed - Chuck & Pam Soderling

Chris and Janice Kunze - Parents (Keewatin, MN)
     "Thank you both for the time and effort you gave to Danny and Anna. We are very
grateful for the many years of piano lessons that Danny enjoyed andalso for the time Anna
had - - even though her time was short, she was very blessed.
     Enjoy the goodies - - just a small token of our gratitude to both of you."
    Signed - Janice Kunze
The Kunze children each gave Mr. Craig a beautiful, artistic drawing attheir last lesson with
the following inscriptions written in their own handwriting:
"I'm really going to miss you! Sincerely, Danny Kunze
"I'll miss you! I'm really sad that I can't take lessons from you any more. But you'll
always be my favorite piano teacher. I'm going to really miss you." Love, Anna Kunze

Kristine & Jessica Michaels (Side Lake, MN)
     "Craig ~
     Thank you for taking the time to make the CD so we could sing for our cousin's wedding.
     We all appreciate the hard work that you putinto everything you do, especially on such
short notice.
     Thanks again!!
    Signed - Kristine & Jessica Michaels

Kim & Craig Giermann - Parents (Chisholm, MN)
    "Thank you for such a positive experience - - Alexandra's voice lessons & recital. Alex loves it and our whole family enjoys it. We like learning and listening to the talent
that comes through your studio.
    The recital was a nice event. The extras like thepicture you printed yourself of every
student, the prizes, Dilly Bars, etc. were appreciated. Thanks again,"
    Signed- Kim & Craig Giermann, Chisholm, MN

Grandparents of JordanStish (Hibbing, MN)
     "Kudos and thank you to Craig and LeahLiaBraaten of the Hibbing School of Music /
Living Water Music Studio for their dedication to their young music students. We recently
(08-22-07) had the privilege of watching the 28th Annual LiaBraatenStudio Awards Recital
at the Little Theater in the Memorial Building (Hibbing, MN) and wewere blown away.
The talented piano students and vocalists performed with such poise and grace, they were
amazing to watch. It is evident that the student performers love whatthey do and enjoy
performing. Thank you for your leadership, guidance and dedication totheir music
education. Thank you also for showcasing your students to the public. We were pleased
to be invited to this awesome recital / concert."
    Signed andsubmitted to the Hibbing Daily Tribune "Kudos" Column on 08-25-07 by
    "proud grandparents"

Lee & Beth Aultman -Parents (Eveleth, MN, formerly Buhl, MN & Britt, MN)
    "Craig & Leah,
    Thank you, or as they say in Germany - - 'DonkeyChain'! [donkey cartoon]
    Thank you so much for everything you both do - - allthe long hours you put in to do
things 'right' and to make the kids feel special. We are so thankful tohaveyou teach
Brittany & Vanessa, and also very grateful (beyond the proper words actually) that
you offered to help us move. That was obviously a sacrificial offer. We really appreciate
both of you. Thanks again!
    Love from"
    Signed- Lee, Beth, Vanessa, Brittany Aultman


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